Thursday, November 20, 2008


Status update-- looking good

I haven't completely abandoned this blog. Site Meter shows that I get about one visitor a week, sometimes less. Still, I keep imagining some guy eating lunch at his desk and just clicking around, and somehow ends up here (probably from my equally neglected flight sim. blog), and he reads a bit of this because he is also trying to manage better weight control and fitness. So, I feel obligated to put something here once in a while, because it might encourage someone else on the same journey. Hey, eating and reading guy (or gal), if you're reading this, write me a comment, will ya?

So far the new weight loss effort has been a roaring success! This probably would have motivated me to write more entries in this blog, but I have since started a completely private blog on another blogger site which serves as my online journal. So, I've been doing my celebrating and obsessing there.

So here's the deal: if my Hacker's Diet widget is working properly, if you're reading this today I have gotten down to 193.5 lbs. I feel very good about this--I don't think I've been this low since the first part of this recent fitness phase which started a little more than 5 years ago. I'm not sure I got this low even then, so it is more like maybe 18 years since I've been this low. It feels really satisfying to be here now.

My goal is to maintain 190. This means losing probably 6 more lbs. I'm excited, but also a little nervous, to see how this goes in maintenance. I will continue to use the Hacker's Diet daily plotting and endeavor to keep the trend line between 187.5 and 192.5. I think I can do this without counting calories.

So, mainly recapping information from earlier posts, here's how I got here:

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