Saturday, December 30, 2006


On hiatus

I was afraid this would happen-- after the marathon was over I would not find myself adding much to this blog. I must say in my defense that the main reason things have tapered off is that my new job is more demanding on my schedule, leaving less time for such things as blogging.

I don't think this blog has gotten many (any?) readers besides my brother and sister, but I still feel duty bound to put a formal close (perhaps only for a while) rather than to just go to dead air.

My main motivation for starting this blog was to explore ideas about weight-loss maintenance in contemporary society-- some reporting from the trenches, some commentary on our culture and its conflicted values, some existential explorations (i.e. why do rational creatures so often make irrational choices). These latter two themes would require some careful thought, and lots of review and revision. I don't have time for such writing right now, and I will not attempt to write on these things in the few spare minutes that I have these days.

So, I am stopping the writing just when I should be getting to the good stuff. Oh well, perhaps I'll pick this up later.

Where am I now? I am still running, at a much reduced rate. I'm trying to work out the practical details of a running schedule with my new work schedule, and of course weather is more of a factor these days. Still, the motivation is still high. Eating-wise, I've slipped a little with the holiday smorgasbord (would have been good subject matter if I could have made time to write) but I think I can turn it around.

So, hopefully I'll pick this up sometime later, but that's it for now.

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