Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Not Doomsday Morning

OK, just one last post on the Hacker's Diet. After all, it's free and online, so you can go read it yourself (heck, there's a Wikipedia article that does a better job than I have been doing of explaining it). However, I just wanted to point out how it helped me out the last couple of days. Above is my daily weight chart. Circled in yellow is an abnormally high weight from Monday morning, which might have caused me much alarm and discouragement. However, armed with the outlook I've gotten from the H.D., I'm learning to take this kind of thing in stride.

In this chapter of the H.D., we learn how this degree of variability is to be expected. In fact, I got the title of this post from the example included in this chapter, from which I excerpt two figures here. The first shows a typical daily weight plot. He has added some labels to capture the feeling of the person experiencing those daily fluctuations. The second chart shows the same data, with the data smoothed out to show the actual trend. Leaving the original labels on the smoothed data plot is a great sight gag that really drives home the point and makes it memorable.

By the way, the last two days have brought the trend line back to almost a straight line, indicating a constant rate of loss since I started this tracking.

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